How Wildlife Control Experts Can Prevent The Spread Of Lyme Disease

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Heather King, a nature photographer in Ottawa was reported to have contracted Lyme disease from a black-legged tick during one of her nature hikes in 2009. The disease was diagnosed after a year because the symptoms did not manifest early. She said it’s like she was having a heart attack all the time.
The Public Health Agency of Canada said that ticks are commonly found in wooded areas and they are parasitizing the animals like deer, bears and even mice and squirrels. Ticks are known carrier of bacteria that can harm the human nervous and cardiovascular systems if not treated immediately.
Human can accidentally get this disease when infected animals encroach homes and commercial areas. Thus, the need of wildlife control expert is important in this case.
Wildlife control specialist, like Skedaddle Wildlife Control, can prevent people to get such disease by ensuring the affected host animals away from their home. This is important to prevent the spread of Lyme disease like in Ottawa a

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