When Pest Control is Best left to the Experts: Girl in Costume Shot, Cousin thought She

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“While skunks can be quite annoying to deal with – especially if they manage to get into your backyard, shooting it is too drastic a measure. Not only is it not humane, there is also a chance that you end up hurting more than the skunk; which was the case last year when a local in PA mistook her cousin as one and opened fire. The girl was in her Halloween costume, which was mostly black, and a hat with a white plume.

While their action was misguided, the reaction to the skunk was not surprising as skunk spray is quite noxious, and having one living in your yard can be troublesome. Still, it would be better to get professional help in dealing with pests, as they will not only get rid of the skunks, they will also identify potential entry points and take measures to prevent future invasions. In Canada, pest control companies like Skedaddle Wildlife deal with the humane way of removing pests, preferring to relocate them rather than kill them outright.


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