How Wildlife Control can help prevent Aggressive Animal Attacks

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“Racoons are often portrayed in cartoons and children shows as that fluffy, lovable companion. But it wasn’t the case for a Vancouver resident when one attacked her while she was walking her two small dogs. The raccoon bit and clawed the unfortunate woman, as well as one of her dogs. She was immediately rushed to the hospital as a health precaution.

While raccoons are not normally aggressive, they can be quite ferocious when defending their young or their nest. Add the fact that these critters’ bites and scratches can be a source of rabies and other animal-borne viruses, it could be a problem for home owners who accidentally discover a raccoon’s nest in their attics, sheds or in a secluded part of the yard. For such situations, it is best to contact local SPCA-affiliated wildlife control companies like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, to ensure that they are extracted without using lethal means.”


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