Animal Control can help the Wild Ones too

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“While bats aren’t usually welcome in homes, it doesn’t mean that we should let them just die off. A recent disease has been spreading in bats known as the white nose syndrome, laying waste to the bat population. The disease is caused by the fungus, Geomyces destructans, which hits the bat’s sensory organs. This fungus is said to thrive in cold weather, causing bats to seek warmer areas – your attic, for example. Of course, this is usually met with residents calling for animal control to remove them. As much as people are willing to help save the bats, letting them stay in their insulation can cause damage in the long run.

While authorities are taking steps to provide locations for the bats to live in warmer conditions, local companies are also pitching in. Animal control specialists such as Skedaddle are also involved in the collective rescue effort, by extracting these bats without hurting them and then transporting them to alternative locations for them to live in.”


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