Getting Rid of Rodents can now help a Cause

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“Residents of British Columbia can now help in a noble animal welfare cause by getting rid of rodents. As weird as it may sound, it’s true. Mark Zehnder of Invermere Veterinary Hospital is calling for donations of rodents and other dead critters to feed a great horned owl and a barred owl under their care. These owls are said to consume at least 12 mice each everyday, and Zehnder says their current stock is not enough to last throughout the season. The hospital is even willing to buy them if they cannot get it free from the citizens. Of course they are only looking for those that died of natural causes – rodents that died of poison or being shot are not going to be accepted.

While some frown upon killing wildlife, even for feeding endangered species such as these owls, animal control companies such as Skedaddle are also aware that a balance is required to avoid infestations, as well as ensure that these animals are dealt with as humane as possibl


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