Canada ups the Ante on Getting Rid of Mice, declares War on Rodents

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“Getting rid of mice and other vermin is a serious endeavor, but the naturalists in Queen Charlotte Island in Canada has taken it to the next level: They’ve declared an all-out war on the rats in the archipelago. According to them, these rats have caused a negative ecological impact on the island, as they ravage other animals’ nests, particularly seabird’s nests, and eat the eggs and young in them. Experts are now looking in on how to approach the situation without endangering other local fauna in the process.

While on a smaller scale, one should look into waging war with the vermin in their home, as these rats can literally destroy from within. It is best to take preventive measures and get local animal control professionals like Skedaddle Wildlife to look into your home and assess the situation before it becomes an infestation.”


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