Fear of Rage Surge in Wales as Rodent Control Service becomes a Commodity

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“A recent report states that more than a quarter of Wales’ councils have begun charging for rodent control service, which wasn’t the case years ago. One council even went as far as stopping the service altogether, making health experts in Wales concerned about the welfare of the residents.

Wildlife control experts like Skedaddle emphasizes on the importance of preventing the continued proliferation of pests such as rats in homes. Not only are they possible sources of diseases, they also cause property damage. With the councils suffering from budget cuts and opting to sacrifice such services, health specialists are unsure if residents are willing to pay for the service, despite it being necessary to preserve their well-being. Some might even resort to dealing with the problem themselves, which can also lead to more problems, such as improper use of chemicals or wildlife retaliation. Best be safe and let professionals like Skedaddle take care of such situations than risk injuries.”

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