Dwindling Little Brown Bat Population prompts Calls for Humane Pest Control

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“New Jersey bat population has reached an all-time low as they are being ravaged by a fungal disease called white nose syndrome. In smaller cities, the numbers are more saddening, with areas that were home to hundreds of bats barely having any nowadays.

The fungus is said to make the bats behave erratically, making them active in cold seasons when they should be hibernating. With the population becoming so little, people are now more aware of the bat’s plight, which caused an interest for more humane pest control.

Another problem that cropped up with the diminishing bat population is the increased activity of insects, as bats are one of the proponent exterminator of insects, as they are able to eat up to 3,000 insects in just one night.

Pest control isn’t limited to getting rid of vermin; it should also help in making sure that a healthy balance is present between people and wildlife. Wildlife control companies such as Skedaddle use humane ways to capture pests to promote such


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