Fight Against Animal Cruelty: How An Animal Removal Wildlife Expert Can Help

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“Sam Pazzano of Toronto Sun reported that a Toronto resident, Dong Nguyen, was seen by his neighbor attacking a family of raccoons in his backyard and he injured one of the creatures with his shovel, June 1, 2011. Nguyen was charged with cruelty to animals and was given by the Ontario Court of Justice an order to render community service. He was also ordered to pay an amount of $1,365 for the veterinary expenses of the injured raccoon.

Raccoons may be considered nuisance to homeowners, but there is a right way to keep them away from home by calling an animal removal wildlife expert like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.
David Suzuki called Toronto as “raccoon capital of the world” because of the increasing population of the creatures in the area. Residents of Toronto should be fully aware of these creatures and the proper and humane way of removing them, so they can avoid animal cruelty charges.”

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