Getting Rid of Mice is Important to Public’s Safety

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“Rodents are a serious threat to human health. Toronto Public Health is serious about the prevention of rodent infestation, as written in an article in Toronto Star, wherein two Kensington Market shops were closed after rodent infestation was detected. Pictures of rats on the shelf feeding on store merchandise was posted on the internet, which caused the health department to issue a closure order for both shops. Consumption of food damaged by rodents can lead to serious health problems like fever, muscle aches, etc. Getting rid of mice for good is best done by pest removal companies. Eliminating pests can also secure the structure of a building.

Food market shops should maintain its cleanliness to assure the safety of the food that they sell. Always take the initiative to hire a pest removal company like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control to check your shop and make sure that it is free from rodent infestation.”


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