The Tough Chore of Getting Rid of Rodents Permanently

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“Earlier this year, a frenzied rat hunt was incited in New Brighton. It was triggered by the discovery of a rat carcass in the southeast neighborhood of Calgary, Alberta. Residents were encouraged to contact city officials if any traces of rodent activity were spotted in their area for immediate pest removal.

While other Canadian provinces can’t claim to be as thorough as Alberta when it comes to getting rid of rodents, which has been declared largely rat-free since 1950, it doesn’t mean that they let rats fester in their area. Canadian homeowners who encounter rat problems call pest control companies like Skedaddle Wildlife to extract and decontaminate areas that rats may have inhabited. Constant vigilance is key to avoid rat infestations in your neighborhood. So if you spot a rodent, whether alive or dead, it probably means that there are at least a few rats around. Best play it safe and contact pest control right away.”

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