Say No to Bed Bugs With the Help of An Efficient Pest Control Company

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“Bed bugs being so tiny is what makes it hard to extinguish them. They hide in bed, small cracks, walls, and everywhere they possibly can; the next thing you know, they already infested your entire home!

According to an article in Canadian Press, the cause of the rise of bed bugs is the high frequency of public transportation and travel. Luxury hotels in Vancouver suffer from bed bugs which is not a good sign for the business. The infestation is almost out of control that not even reliable pest control company such as Skeddadle Humane Wildlife Control can eliminate them with heat treatment and pesticides alone. Though they don’t pose serious threat to health, it is still not enough to let them stay and not mind the itch that they cause.

Health officials suggested to maintain the cleanliness around, hoping it’ll completely eradicate those small pesky bugs. Without dirt, then they’ll never have a breeding nor living space to live in.”


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