When Wildlife Control Experts Have Their Hands Full with Bats

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“Swarms of bats are more than enough to menace a local community. The Wicked Local in Brookline, Massachusetts, USA, reported that wildlife removal outfits received 43 calls on bat infestations in the first three weeks of August. A local wildlife specialist admits the cases have already swamped their lines with at least 100 calls received in one full day.

Having to deal with bats flapping around in people’s homes always shakes the resolve of Ontario residents. The province is already home to eight species of bats; two of these, the little and big brown bat, are also found in Massachusetts. Although many of these night creatures sleep in abandoned mines during the day, bats can just as easily choose to dorm in someone’s house, unnerving the residents enough to call in wildlife control experts such as those from Skedaddle Wildlife to remove the intruders. “


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