‘Killing Kindly’ As a Last Resort in Rodent Control

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All over the world, there is always the issue of how effective rodent control can be done in the most humane way possible. “Kind” and “gentle” are two words frequently used by animal welfare activists and companies engaged in the containment of domestic pests such as rats and mice. Since these animals are commonly found in homes and pose real risks to the health of human beings, efforts are geared toward reduction and elimination first. The use of methods with intent to annihilate is always a last resort.

At the same time, traps should be inspected as frequently as possible. If a rodent, for example, has been caught, pest control operatives or rodent control specialists like Skedaddle can be called in. Such experts will know how to properly handle the animals without subjecting them to further harm or injury, and could likewise determine when a house is completely free of rat and mice infestation.


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