Getting Rid of Mice: Both Business and Residential Issue

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“Esteemed journalist and Toronto resident Robert Fulford wrote in 1999, “Kensington today is as much a legend as a district. The (partly) outdoor market has probably been photographed more often than any other side in Toronto.” In one of the neighborhood’s photographs that came out this January posted on social site Reddit, three rats feast on scraps in a shelving unit at New Seaway Fish Market. Within the same day, health inspectors visited the shop, and shut it down .

Completely getting rid of mice in a semi-open space full of goods and produce as old as Kensington Market is truly a difficult undertaking. However, early signs of infestation merit due diligence. According to news reports, Kim Chou, owner of the mouse-infested shop, takes full responsibility for the problem getting out of control. Although the shop received a conditional pass back in November 2012, Chou was told to handle what seemed like a beginning of a rat infestation.”


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