Catching the Fast and the Furry-ous: Humane Raccoon Removal

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“It’s short, it’s fluffy, it’s absolutely adorable, and apparently it’s the newest celebrity of the mammalian world. The olinguito is the latest discovery announced by Smithsonian scientists in Washington; and it is now being welcomed as yet another cute and cuddly member of the raccoon family. It is a rarity, after all, and is therefore treasured by many people; unfortunately, the same cannot be said for its masked black and white cousins, who are often taken out of properties through humane raccoon removal methods.

No bigger than a regular house cat—at roughly 2.5 feet long and weighing 2 pounds—the olinguito uses its agility to live and travel through the trees. This is one of the main reasons this species has managed to remain unknown for such a long time, and why it is only now that more facts on the animal are being discovered. There are four subspecies, with different colors and sizes, all of which are found in the Andes. “


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