The Burglar Look-alike: Raccoons Breaking into Your House

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Masked bandit is the most common moniker for raccoons and fittingly so. Raccoons have wisely adapted to modernization and have moved in with humans even in urban areas. While the main purpose of communing with humans is for access to food, these sneaky creatures have become much more than just a nuisance animal, they have become a common carrier for zoonotic diseases that may be fatal to humans and they can also cause significant damage to properties.

It is important for you to determine what attracts these intelligent burglars to your home because in all cases, prevention is always better than curing a problem. There are two reasons why raccoons would normally break into your house: food and shelter.

As what we have said earlier, food is the primary attractant for these creatures. We have stepped into their natural territory and have built our homes and communities in what used to be their habitat, the natural balance has been affected. Previously these creatures have had easy access to an abundant supply of food from nature (fish, fruits, etc.) however this scenario has drastically changed.  Now raccoons have to creatively look for ways to get food for their survival.

Another reason is shelter. Raccoons, especially those who are about to give birth to their young would look for a safe haven away from the harsh elements of nature such as snow, extreme cold or rain. For this reason, any unattended part of your house can be their den site. In most cases, raccoons would usually den in attics or sheds because they provide a perfect environment for raising their young.

One raccoon inside your home is bad news and it’s even worse when there is a litter cohabiting with you. Not only do they carry diseases but they also bring a frustrating discomfort because of their chattering noise at night. More than that, they are also a hazard to your property; as this masked bandit is known to tear as electrical wires and cables, rip up shingles and even damage insulation materials! Think about all the damage this dexterous creature can wreak inside your beautiful home.

At the first sign of a raccoon infestation, it is best to call Waterloo wildlife control services like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Improper handling of raccoons may result in more drastic damage since these creatures are cunning and have the tendency for aggression to protect their young so it is best to leave it in the hands of able professionals.

Skedaddle’s Waterloo wildlife control technicians have removed raccoons from many houses and have proven techniques to draw out these creatures from your home, including their babies. Save yourself from these masked burglars and protect your home from future invasion. Call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today!


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