They’re Not Pets: Ways to Protect Your Home from Raccoons

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Masked furry bandits running about in the middle of the night are out scouring and foraging not only in the wild, but now, also in the urban areas. These cunning creatures are known for rubbing, scrubbing and scratching with their dexterous paws. These bandits are none other than the raccoons.

Raccoons are known to be intelligent creatures that exhibit more developed motor skills compared to other animals and are therefore very good in manipulating objects. These masked bandits have dexterous paws and are able to open jars, knock down or open your garbage cans, tear shingles off your roof or open door latches. They can also cause some serious damage to your property. Their constant activities can leave open wires in your house and ripped insulation—all of which can cause property hazards such as fires.

Raccoon infestation can be prevented in several ways. One of them is to seal away all gaps or holes that raccoons can use to access your home. Chimneys and other vents should be secured with caps or screens that are durable to avoid raccoons from using them as entryways.

Trees around your yard can also be a problem since they are like bridges to your roof for raccoons. If possible, set tall plants or trees 6 to 8 feet away from your house to prevent raccoons from climbing them and gaining access to your roof. If the trees already exist, your best bet at preventing raccoons from using them to climb is to keep the branches well-trimmed.

Also, keep your garbage bins tightly secured or tie them with a strong cord so the little bandits couldn’t open them. Keep your feeding troughs and all feeding stations for your pets indoors. This will minimize the availability of food sources in your property and discourage them from foraging.

If you own a garden, it is best to harvest the fruits as soon as they are ready. Raccoons can be very destructive around home gardens. There are SPCA-approve mesh wires that can protect low-hanging fruits and low plants.

When you have a raccoon situation, the best way to remove it from your property is contacting Kitchener wildlife control services like Skedaddle. Kitchener wildlife control professionals have the experience and the expertise needed for different wildlife situations. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control promotes humane yet effective ways of getting rid of wildlife from your homes and sealing your property off from future infestations.


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