Top 5 Reasons Squirrels Infest a Home

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Squirrels can be the cutest animal you can see in your backyard with their bushy long tails and the endless chomping on that acorn seed. These little creatures, however, can be alarming when they grow in ridiculous numbers and start treating your home as their own.

Why do these creatures relentlessly try to gain access to our homes and not just stay in the wild? We give you 5 most common reasons:

  1. Food. The pet food lying around in your yard or the birdseeds you put in your feeder are perfect meals for these little critters. With urbanization, animals have lost their abundant and natural supply for food so they have to look somewhere to feed their hunger – that somewhere is called your house.
  2. Water. Like their need for food, these wildlife animals need an abundant supply of water and your house is a convenient source that they can gain access to.
  3. Shelter. Freezing temperatures and ravenous rains can be hard on wildlife especially if they do not have a nest that can protect them from the harsh weather. Your house is a perfect place where they can get away from these elements.
  4. Nesting place for pregnant mothers. Mothers who are about to give birth to their young look for nesting places that are ideal for birthing and raising their babies. The warm and sheltered environment that your house offers is conducive for this purpose, especially since your attic or your den is away from predators that may hurt their litter.
  5. Abundant supply of something to chew on. Squirrels are built to chew because of their large and strong incisors (front teeth) that they need to sharpen all the time. Your house provides a perfect sharpening tool from the structural wood to the numerous venting and electrical utilities that run through attics.

If you feel that your house is susceptible to these animals, check for any signs of infestation. This could be scurrying noises coming from your attic or your chimneys, chattering noises or signs of chewing found on the exterior.

Follow these simple prevention techniques to stop any kind of animal invasion:

  • Do not leave food (especially your pet food) or garbage unsecured around the house.
  • Seal all entry points. Install screens to prevent any kind of wildlife from gaining access in your home.
  • Repair damaged vents and soffits immediately.
  • Clean unattended areas of your house.
  • Remove dried leaves, branches and other debris on your roof and gutter.
  • Trim trees that can be used by squirrels to access your home

If you do not have the time and the expertise to seal off your house permanently, call Ottawa wildlife control services like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Skedaddles Ottawa wildlife control technicians are trained to remove any kind of wildlife from your home through proven effective yet humane techniques. Take charge of your home and let Skedaddle be your arm in preventing any kind of wildlife infestation! Call today!

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