Feeding habits of squirrels

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We all know what squirrels are. These furry little, and not to mention, adorable creatures can be seen climbing one tree to another in their search for something to chew. Squirrels belong to the family Sciuridae and are part of the same order as rats, Rodentia, characterized by their rootless incisor teeth that keep on growing.

Squirrels have adapted to humans easily that’s why you will see them near human communities most of the time. However, they also find ways to gain access to human homes in their search for food and water and this is how they become nuisance wildlife. It is important to know the feeding habits of squirrels to know more about them and how to control them:

Squirrel diet comes in many forms and sizes. In the wild they mostly consume plants and other vegetation. This of course, includes nuts, seeds and conifer cones. Quite surprisingly, in rare occasions, they also eat insects, other smaller animals and bird eggs. They are also known to eat fruits and in the vicinity of human homes will forage for pet and other scrap food.

  1. They just love to chew. These furry animals love to chew because their teeth grow very fast and they have to continuously shorten and sharpen them. That is why you always see them gnawing and chewing on something like an acorn, which is how they are most popularly depicted. The purpose of which is to clean and sharpen their long teeth.
  2. They love to steal food. As we mentioned earlier, squirrels invade properties in their search for food. They can take food from your birdfeeders, attack your garden, chew into compost bins or attack unsecured garbage bags.

Squirrels, and other rodents for that matter, are big trouble when they start getting homey inside your attic because they can chomp on your electrical wires, wood trusses, telephone cables and plumbing, rip your insulation or tear other materials in your attic. Not only are these expensive and bothersome to replace, they are actually hazardous to the people inside your home. Chewed on electrical wires can cause fires and short-circuit connections inside your home.
At the first sign of an infestation, it is best to call Halifax wildlife control services immediately. Skedaddle Wildlife Control Halifax to help you with your squirrel problem. Skedaddle prides itself with its vast network across Canada and employs humane and effective wildlife control services. Let these wildlife creatures be brought back to the wild where they belong. Call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control Halifax today and rest assured that your house is safe from any of these food bandits.


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