Protecting your children from accidental ingestion of wildlife feces

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Children have an amazing sense of exploration and curiosity. Young as they are children are always asking about the world and life and in return, we adults try to show them nature and explain the wonders of the environment. While this may be a very good way to expose your child to nature, you should always remember that these young explorers are much more susceptible to infections caused by different environmental factors– one of which is contact with wildlife fecal matter.

Always keep an eye on your children. You may not be fully aware of the dangers your child  is exposed to when they get in contact with wildlife feces. Sometimes, mere inhalation of the fecal particles could be lethal to you and your children. To avoid these situations, you must know how to protect your children from these serious health risks.

Here are some preventive measures you can do to protect your children from ingesting dangerous substances such as wildlife fecal matter :

  • Always clean your yard and house. Make sure there are no droppings where your children usually play. Clean up animal feces inside and outside your house using gloves. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling and launder your clothes.
  • Keep food prep area clean and always check for droppings. Sometimes ingestion of fecal matter can happen through contaminated food.
  • Disinfect the areas where you have picked up the droppings and make sure there are no particles left before you let your children play around that area.
  • Wash and sanitize your kids toys, especially the ones they may put in their mouth.
  • Always keep an eye on your children especially when they are outside. They will pick up and play with anything, so having them under careful watch will prepare you both for action when your child picks up suspicious matter.

There is only so much a parent can do to protect their children from wildlife risks. The risks are doubled however if your house is infested with wildlife creatures. At the first sign of infestation, call Halifax wildlife control professionals, like Skedaddle Halifax Humane Wildlife Control. Not only are you protecting your child, you are also taking a step to sealing your house away from future infestations.

Skedaddle’s Halifax wildlife control technicians know how to get rid of any wildlife infestation in the most humane and effective methods possible and can offer exclusion services that are sure to keep you and your children from the growing risks brought by wildlife creatures. So if you want your children free from the threats of parasites and ingestion of droppings, give Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control Halifax a call today!


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