Where do birds build their nests once they invade your property?

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One of the most common problems of wildlife infestation do not only involve four-legged creatures but are also caused by our feathered friends — birds. They migrate time and again depending on the weather and while birds belong in the wild, a human house could prove to be an easy alternative for their shelter. This is the reason why birds who seek a good place to nest can pick your house over the risky trees of the wild.

What happens when your house becomes a nesting ground for birds? Well, you may not realize it but birds and their nests pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Most people think it is totally safe and therefore unnecessary to remove the birds from their homes, but there is more to nests than just put-together twigs and fabrics.

Every time a bird creates a nest, it becomes its habitat until the young ones learn to fly. The mother will bring food of all sorts and the offspring will eat and lay waste in the same nest. Because of this, ticks and other harmful bacteria develop in the nests. The moment the birds migrate to another place, these parasites will find themselves a new host, and who else is left in the house? Yes – you, your family and your pets become the obvious targets.

If you are infested with birds, it is very important to locate the nests and the thing that you are most likely to ask is – where do birds usually make nests in your house?

  1. Vents. Vents are small openings that can serve as a good shelter for birds. Not only are they seldom checked and accessed, they also serve as an easy entry to your house.
  2. Attics. Attics rarely hold human presence and activities and therefore present themselves as an ideal area for bird nesting.
  3. Openings in your roof eaves. We have seen this many times. Always check your house for holes that birds can put their nests in. These places will encourage birds to take refuge in your home.

Because of the property damage and health risks bird infestation brings, it is necessary to get rid of them immediately.

There are four steps to bird riddance: remove the birds, locate and remove nests, disinfect the area and finally, cover the entryways they can use to access your house.

If you are unsure of what to do and hope to get rid of the infestation without exposing yourself to the risk of getting these parasites, it would be best to call Oakville wildlife control professionals like Skedaddle. Skedaddle’s Oakville wildlife control technicians are experts on wildlife control and will know best how to remove, clean and protect your house with exclusion. Skedaddle has earned a trusty reputation in the field of humane wildlife control with more than two decades of realiable service so you can rest assured that you and your family are safe and secure and away from any dangers and health risks that wildlife animals can bring into your home.


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