Why Bird Droppings are Dangerous

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Bird droppings may cause all sorts of diseases  if you leave them alone on the surfaces of your property.

What diseases should you worry about?

You have to worry about more than just avian flu when birds infest your home. Most of the diseases that a bird may bring are airborne. Here are some of the ailments that you must fight against when bird infestation happens:

  1. Histoplasomosis is a disease caused by fungus; which uses droppings as a breeding ground. This ailment may affect both pets and humans. The fungi release spores into the air that may transmit the disease. The symptoms of this disease include flu-like sickness, and it may cause abnormalities in the blood, high fever, pneumonia or lead to death.
  2. Fungus transmits cryptococcosis an ailment found in bird droppings. The fungi comes from an accumulation of droppings in nests and roosting areas such as attics, water towers and ledges. You increase the possibility of infection when you do not remove the bird droppings in your property. This disease weakens the immune system but may not have any symptoms. The common form of the ailment starts with a lung infection and spreads to different parts of the body. It may lead to death, if left untreated.
  3. Salmonellosis happens when bird droppings poison the food you eat. The dust from the droppings may pass through air conditioners and ventilators, leading to food contamination.
  4. Candidiasis is another disease caused by bird droppings. This fungal or yeast infection affects the mouth, skin, intestines and the respiratory system.

With bird infestation, you also have to worry about all sorts of insects invading your home. Birds may bring ticks, mites and other bugs that may carry other diseases.

Bird droppings may cause these diseases, if you left them alone. You have to get rid of birds that infested your house to avoid these problems. With the help of wildlife control Oakville services, you do not have to worry about any kind of animal infestation.

How can you get rid of birds from your property?

Getting rid of birds is not as easy as it seems, you have to make sure they never return to bother you again. With the help of wildlife control Oakville services, you can be sure of the quality of the removal services.
Wildlife control Oakville service providers like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control know what they are doing; they have the experience and proven techniques to remove birds properly and humanely. Once removed, you do not have to deal with the diseases caused by bird droppings


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