Why do mice infest your home?

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Hairy little critters that scurry their way inside your house can keep you awake at night. These rodents, while grandiosely portrayed in animation films like Ratatouille, can still make your hair crawl at the thought that you are cohabiting with them.

What draws these nuisance wildlife inside your home? Let us count the ways:

  • Clutter, clutter, clutter.  There may be certain parts of your home that can be perfect haven for these unwanted critters. Take a look at your attic for example. Do you see a stack of old dusty books or newspapers? How about old boxes in your backyard? Mice love to inhabit and breed in dark corners and in places where they can gnaw their ever-growing incisor teeth.
  1. There is an easy access to your warm and cozy home. Mice, or any wildlife creature for that matter, are experts in looking for ways into your home especially if they want to be protected from the harsh sun or the biting cold weather. With their small size, these rodents can easily squeeze themselves in and build a happy home for themselves, as well.
  1. Food extravaganza. Food is the first attractant for wildlife creatures inside your home. The unlimited supply of food especially unattended pet food lying in the corners of your house can draw these critters inside, especially mice.

Mice can cause so much harm to your property and to your family. These rodents host a number of parasites and are carriers of many diseases that can jeopardize your family’s health. Because they have a habit of always chewing and sharpening their teeth, they can also start chomping on the electrical wires and insulation materials in your attic and this can prove to be a very costly. Also, urine and fecal matters of mice are breeding ground of bacteria and may cause a nasty smell inside your home.

When you see droppings of mice inside your home, contact Halifax wildlife control services immediately. Get rid of mice in the fastest way possible to protect yourself and your family. Do not dilly-dally with your decision in taking them out of your home because mice breed very fast and you may be faced with hundreds of them if left unattended. Doing DIY measures most of the time would not work as these rodents are intelligent and can hide their young away from humans. In cases like this, you may capture the mother mice but will be left with a dying litter that will cause unbearable noise and a foul smell when they die.
It is important to call Halifax wildlife control services like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control to get rid of mice. Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians have been trained to effectively and efficiently remove these rodents from your home. With more than two decades in the wildlife control industry, Skedaddle knows the best methods to remove these hairy rodents from your home! Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control Halifax today!


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