Balancing nuisance wildlife and biodiversity

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Biodiversity. Most people would leave this to the environmentalists and would not spare a second understanding its supposedly complex role in human society but we urge you to pause for a while because we are more affected than you think.

Do you understand why raccoons raid your attic? Or why rodents infest your house? We all know that these occurrences are no laughing matter but we should look back at the root cause of why this is happening and this is where the big term, biodiversity, plays a role.

Over the years, we have encroached wildlife’s natural habitat with the construction of new residential and commercial areas, pavement with new roads, and everything in between. This modernization has caused us great comfort but on the other side of the coin, an ugly reality is happening; it has destroyed animal homes and altered the balance of nature.

This is the reason why we have them now – the animals who wreak havoc on our property. The ones we call nuisance wildlife.

When you encounter these unwanted guests inside your home, it is important to understand why they are there. Do you have unattended food that draws them in? Is your house readily accessible to these creatures for them to conveniently build a den in? Taking proactive steps to make sure that we do not offer these attractants to these wildlife creatures is an important step to avoiding conflict.

But in cases when they are already inside your home, make sure that you employ humane methods in removing them from your property. Most, if not all, provinces in Canada enforce regulations on dealing with wildlife creatures and some of them are protected by law. This means that you cannot exterminate them unnecessarily. Most homeowners would resort to DIY methods and while this may be a more affordable option, it may entail risks and dangers especially when you do not have the expertise to execute these wildlife control methods properly. For example, we have encountered one too many situations where mother raccoons are trapped and relocated while their litter was left behind, stuck in the attic and dying of hunger. This cannot be a pretty sight and we strongly encourage that you study what methods will work best when dealing with wildlife.

It is always better to call Niagara wildlife control services like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control as they are trained to efficiently remove ALL nuisance wildlife inside your home in the most humane way possible. Skedaddle’s Niagara wildlife control technicians will not only safeguard your home from these nuisance animals, they also preserve biodiversity in our communities.


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