Habitat Loss: Why Wildlife Raid Your Home

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Urbanization has brought men great things – from paved highways that allow us to conveniently travel from one place to another to magnificently structured buildings that serve as commercial and business areas where we spend much of our leisure time.

While we enjoy the benefits of urbanization, there is another part of the ecosystem that has greatly suffered the loss of our natural resources.

To pave way for these structural developments, we have eradicated swamps, marshes, forests and many other valuable natural resources that serve as homes to many wildlife species. While we enjoy modernization, animals have experienced a great deterioration in their natural way of life and have greatly suffered from habitat loss.

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), “around half of the world’s original forests have disappeared, and they are still being removed at a rate 10x higher than any possible level of regrowth. As tropical forests contain at least half the Earth’s species, the clearance of some 17 million hectares each year is a dramatic loss.”

It is no wonder that we see wildlife creatures beginning to invade our urban life. They simply have no choice – no more trees to build their nests in, no more safe caves to den, no more marshes that could provide them with food supply. Their next best alternative is to raid human homes for food (the ones lying around our porch or left unattended in the grabage bins) and shelter. Animal instincts gear them for survival and this is the reason why mother raccoons would occupy your attic to protect their young or squirrels and rodents would forage your pantry for food.

This is when conflict arises. At times like this, it is best to employ humane methods that would remove these unwanted animals from your home and relocate them back to the wild where they belong. Most DIY methods won’t work as these animals have been exposed to the usual tricks that homeowners employ. It is best to call professional wildlife services like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control to address any concerns regarding wildlife.

Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians are trained to use effective but humane methods in removing these nuisance wildlife from your home. With more than twenty-six years of experience, Skedaddle has proven methods to completely remove all wildlife nesting in your property. If you encounter conflict with unwanted animals inside your home, call Skedaddle and you can rest assured that your home will be critter-free in no time!


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