In Search of Food & Warmth: How to Keep Raccoons Safely Away

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Raccoons look for warmth and a source of food before they decide on a place to build a den to raise their young. Once they find a place, they will stay there for a long time. An unknowing homeowner may already have raccoons hiding in their attic or chimney.

These animals may seem harmless with their cute bandit-like faces, but these creatures damage property extensively. They tear holes in roofs and soffits to find the perfect place to build a den, chew wires that may cause power outages and damage insulation, leading to inefficient energy consumption and a soaring energy bill.

You might be doing something that makes your home an attractive place to build a den. These ways will help you keep raccoons out of your property:

Keep Food Away

Maybe it is a habit of yours to throw away food in a garbage bin that is not locked. Raccoons’ paws are strong, enabling them to open doorjambs, windows and unlocked garbage bins.

Once they find a regular place to get food, they will be sure to den nearby. Make sure to store food in a locked bin or keep them in the house before garbage pickup day.

Patch Up Holes

Raccoons will find ways to invade a home once they decide to do so. They will tear through siding, soffit, shingles and vents. They are smart and strong enough to break through rotten wood or small holes.

To avoid an infestation, inspect every corner of your house to identify which areas are most vulnerable to raccoons. Patch these areas and make the necessary repairs to strengthen vulnerable areas that these animals might be able to tear through.

Replace If Necessary

If repairs are not enough to deter raccoons from breaking into your house, maybe it is time to replace old vents, siding, soffit and other vulnerable parts of your home.

Use Light and Sound

Raccoons like to hide in the darkness; to keep them out install lights or motion sensor sprinklers in dark areas of your yard to scare them away.

Humane Removal

With the help of Mississauga wildlife control experts, raccoons will no longer infest or re-infest your property. Mississauga wildlife control companies will help you determine the plausible entry points of these creatures and teach you how to seal those areas.

Mississauga wildlife control companies such as Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control also humane methods to get rid of raccoons and other animals, if they have infested your home already. Skedaddle will do a thorough job by removing the scent of the raccoons and whatever materials they used to build a den.


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