Understanding raccoon behaviour helps with removal

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You wake up one day to find the garbage bins toppled over and there is garbage everywhere. You see droppings on your deck or patio. There is attic insulation in your yard and muddy paw prints on your siding. These are tell tales signs of a raccoon infestation.

Raccoons are one of the most common species of wildlife that people come in conflict with. It is good for you to understand how these masked bandits behave for you to determine the best way to removing them from your homes.

So, why does the raccoon decide to cohabitate with you? There could be a number of reasons and today let us run you through some of them:

  1. Abundant food supply that your home offers. Unsecured bins and food alternatives accessed with ease are attractants to all wildlife animals, and raccoons are no exception. In fact, they may be the first to take this opportunity as they are very adaptable to urban life. Unattended pet food lying around your porch and unprotected vegetation can also lure them to your property.
  2. Warm shelter for the litter. Raccoons are famous for denning in homes and attics and they are always on the lookout for alternative homes in the areas they occupy. Your attic and your chimney can be perfect areas to raise their babies. A mother and her babies can wreak serious havoc not only to your property but may inflict harm to you as well especially when they are not handled properly.

Once a raccoon inhabits your home, your whole household is in danger. They may be aggressive towards your pets and can cause great harm to your property. With their powerful dexterous paws, they can tear shingles, soffits and even your insulation materials and these can be pretty expensive to repair and restore.

While you may think that you can get rid of these cunning creatures on your own, we urge you to think again. DIY removal is not as easy as you think and can pose serious threat to you and your pets. Without proper understanding of how raccoons behave, catching these masked bandits can mean serious encounters that could lead to diseases and infections as well as needless property damage.

Because raccoons can be unpredictable and cunning, we strongly encourage you to seek professional help from Montreal wildlife control in removing these animals. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is trained to remove these critters from your homes in the most effective and most humane way possible. With more than twenty years of Montreal wildlife control experience, you can rest assured that your wildlife situation will be taken care of in no time.


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