Rats and Sewers

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Have you ever encountered a hair-raising situation wherein you find rats in your toilet? You may be wondering how these rodents have gained access to your toilets, one of the most private areas of your home; but it’s not really a challenge for these sly critters. Sewer rats have been a problem for a long time, and while modern homes are less likely to be invaded by sewer rats because of advanced plumbing systems, old houses, apartments and buildings are not immune to sewer rat visits.

Nobody wants rats in their homes, especially in their toilets. Rats are unsanitary rodents which carry with them a lot of diseases and parasites. You and your family may be exposed to some serious health risks when you have sewer rats occasionally paying you a visit.

So, how exactly do these rats get in?

There are rats which are very good swimmers, take the Norway rat for example. They can swim up your pipes and get into your house. This is a big problem for families who live in older houses since their plumbing systems can be easily breached.  

There are several ways to prevent rats from climbing and swimming through your pipes. There are valves nowadays that can stop rats from swimming against the sewage flow and into your toilets. A one-way valve lets your sewage through without giving entry to rats, since the flow only goes out and not back in. This valve will prevent rats from pushing through inside your pipes. Valves are also a great way to prevent other pests, say snakes for example, from swimming through your pipes.

Also, tight and secured shower and floor drains can guarantee you a no sewer rat entry.  Make sure your drains and grates are not easily moved and pushed off, since this makes an easy entry for sewer rats. Narrow pipes alone do not guarantee you rat-free plumbing systems. Rat ribs are hinged to their spine, so  they can fit into any pipe as long as their heads fit. Their ribs can compress and collapse as long as they are hinged and it will allow the rats to swim through narrow pipes.
If you have a recurring sewer rat problem, it is best to contact Truro wildlife control professionals, improve your plumbing systems and treating the problem from its core. Truro wildlife control professionals like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control can also help you get rid of these rodents so you don’t have to resort to dangerous and risky DIY pest control.  You will not only save yourself the hassle and the risks, but you will also be assured to get better and working exclusion results with the help of trained Truro wildlife control professionals.



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