Ways to prevent mice infestation

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Rats and mice – the mere mention of this nuisance wildlife can bring goosebumps to any homeowner. And who wouldn’t? Mice and rats reproduce so fast that first signs of infestation can immediately turn to a domestic nightmare in just a couple of weeks.

There are many ways to get rid of mice and prevent an infestation in your home and today, we will give you some tips on how to do just so.

  1. Keep your clutter to a minimum, or at best, zero level. Do you have stacks of old newspapers lodged somewhere in your attic? How about old clothes that you have been storing for quite some time? This type of clutter is a perfect breeding haven for these rodents. Not only that, mice and rats always look for something to sharpen their incisors and your stored clutter is a perfect sharpening tool.
  2. Do not leave your food unattended. Most of us would look after our food, sealing them in containers to keep them fresh but what about your leftovers in the trashcan? Or maybe, your pet’s dinner that is just lying around on the porch? These are the greatest wildlife attractants so make sure that you attend to these, too! One way is by sealing your garbage cans so that no mice, or any wildlife animal for that matter, will have access to it. At night, tidy up any pet food lying around so that other nocturnal animals won’t go after it. Bird seed is also a favourite for mice.
  3. Seal off any possible entrances. Mice and rats are tiny that they can fit in any crevice that will let them gain access to your home. Seal openings around your home that are larger than a dime to prevent entry.

These are just some tips on how to keep your house rodent-free. It is important to keep these in mind as preventive measures for any wildlife infestation. Any nuisance wildlife inside your home can pose dangers not only to your property but also your family’s health and wellness. There are a slew of zoonotic diseases that can be fatal especially if you have babies at home.

If you are already confronted with a mice infestation, call the Wildlife Technicians of Skedaddle Truro to get rid of your mice problem safely and effectively. Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians are trained to draw out these rodents from your home with proven effective and humane measures. Not only that, Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians will clear and repair any damage caused by wildlife infestation and discuss other techniques on how to protect your home from any unwanted furry visitors. With more than twenty-six years in the industry, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control can easily get rid of your mice problem.


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