Where bats live

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Bats. Most of us have look at them as nasty creatures that flap their wings in the middle of the night. What do you know about these nocturnal winged animals?

Bats are actually mammals, and they are the only flying mammals. They have a developed sense of hearing that helps them navigate through the dark effortlessly; an ability called echolocation. Not all bats can echolocate, but a majority of them thrive in the wild with it.

Bats live in colonies that can range in size from dozens to thousands. Because of this, they require a vast area where they can roost. The most common areas for bats are caves and hollow trees. Any crevice that leads to a safe secluded place would also do good as their habitat.

Bats migrate some time in a year to find a roost that would provide them their needs every season. During mating season or late summer, female bats will find their maternity roosts where they can give birth and nurture their young.  In winter, bats look for hibernation roosts as a lack of available food sources forces them to hibernate in order to survive. Some bats migrate to warmer countries before winter so they can still hunt for food.

Caves and closed areas will be their ideal hibernation roosts since open areas could expose them to cold and wake them  in the middle of hibernation. They will have a slowed down body rate over a span of six months, and they will stay in one hibernacula. During hibernation, bats huddle together  to share warmth.

Though bats prefer a safe place in the wild to hide from their predators and protect their young, human houses could prove to be effective alternatives.  Bats can live in your chimneys or your attics as well as the crevices in your ceilings or walls.  While they may help in insect control, it is still best for you and for their sake to put them back to the wild where they belong and avoid future visits.

It is best to ask help from Waterloo wildlife control to move the bats away, since they live in colonies. Without proper know-how you could expose yourself to dangerous situations and some serious property damage. Trust in Waterloo wildlife control professionals like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.
Skedaddle is backed by twenty-six years of service in this field and has the technical expertise in driving these bats away from your home and keeping them out. This way, you get to keep your house safe for your family, and also let the bats continue on their lives in the wild where they were meant to be.


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