Mississauga: How to Prevent a Squirrel Infestation in your Garden

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The city of Mississauga is becoming busier and busier being the sixth largest city in Canada. As the population expanded, we encroached on natural habitats that were once exclusive to wildlife animals. This is the reason why some wildlife creatures start to invade our property and cohabitate with us: they are looking for food and shelter.

It is not uncommon to see wildlife creatures roaming around our city. Most of the time, they are harmless but there are certain situations when these wildlife creatures become a nuisance and cause damage to our property, and worse, to the people in our household.

One of the more common sights are the squirrels of Mississauga. While they pose as seemingly harmless creatures, they can be quite destructive when they live inside our homes. Squirrels have large incisor teeth that they always need to sharpen, thus the incessant need to chomp on things. When inside your house, this could be dangerous as they may start nibbling on your electric wires, insulation materials and structural wood.

However, squirrels inside your home are not your only problem. If you own a garden, they can actually wreak damage to your crops as well. Squirrels can feed on your fruit-bearing plants and trees, the birdseed on your feeder and so on. Since squirrels also bury their food, you will also encounter shallow holes on your property

So how do you prevent this tooth invader from damaging your garden? We offer you some quick tips:

  1. Install cages by using mesh or chicken wire in your plant beds. While this may not be the prettiest sight, this is the most effective way of keeping your plants and its fruits from being eaten by these rodents.
  2. Get a dog. Most homeowners find it useful when their pets would scare away these long-tailed creatures.
  3. Install motion-activated sprinklers. This can prove to be effective for a while but may not be that useful when the squirrels have gotten used to the squirting water.
  4. If you have bird feeders in your garden, make sure they are squirrel deterrent by coating the stand with oil or any slippery substance everyday. There are also bird feeders specially designed to prevent squirrels from climbing up to them.

These are some quick fixes that you can implore. However, to permanently remove them (or any other wildlife, that is) from your property, it is best to call humane wildlife control services Mississauga like Skedaddle and talk about permanent exclusion.
Exclusion is the process of sealing your property from any nuisance wildlife that may pose as a risk to your family and your physical structures. Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians have a long proven history of removing any forms of wildlife from Canadian homes. Skedaddle employs safe, reliable and humane methods of removal and would recommend ways to homeowners on how to prevent future infestations.


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