Squirrel Repellents and other DIY Measures That Don’t Work

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You may have been experiencing squirrel infestations for a while now, and the problem never goes away. You may be thinking there has to be something to be done to get rid of these little critters. Usually, residents think of do-it-yourself (DIY) pest control and assume they can handle these problems easily and safely.

How can one say if a method is effective? The only way to know is when the infestation never comes back, and no one is harmed in the process of removal.

Contrary to what people think, there are many squirrel repellents out there that are actually bogus and don’t work. You may have heard of using fox urine or mothballs. You may even have tried putting them around the house yourself. This does not guarantee that the squirrels will leave your home for good and you can’t keep on applying these squirrel repellents as they may also be harmful to your pets around the house.

There are a couple of rodenticides sold on the market today, and people buy them believing they are the easiest and risk-free solution to pest control. But before you do, think twice. Squirrels are animals too, and they deserve their lives just as much as any living thing does and besides, it’s impossible to kill all the squirrels in your neighbourhood. It is still best to get rid of them the humane way and use exclusion to prevent their return.

Now, here’s another common mindset people have: squirrels are easy and small, so there is minimal to no risk in capturing them yourself and getting the house rid of them. While it may be true that squirrels are small, they can actually get quite destructive and will be ready to lunge at anyone who threatens them. They also have teeth that they use a lot in chewing wires and structural wood and this secret weapon can be used against you if the animal sees you as an enemy.

Since squirrels are from the wild, you’ll never know if they carry parasites or some infectious disease. Mishandling these little critters can lead to an encounter causing a scratch and open you to the possibility of infection.

While you may think that these DIY measures can save you money, they may actually expose you to more threats than you think. Without proper knowledge of how to handle these nuisance wildlife, you may be opening yourself to a wide array of misfortune.
The best way to handle these infestations is by asking for professional help to assist with proper removal and find ways to completely exclude not only these squirrels but also all other nuisance wildlife roaming in your area.  If you are in Mississauga, make sure you call on the help of humane wildlife control companies like Skedaddle. With more than two decades of helping people solve their wildlife situation, you can rest assure that Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians know how to remove these creatures from your home in the most effective yet humane way possible!


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