Where Do Squirrels Keep Their Food

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Squirrels have been known to store food especially before the winter season. Their thriftiness allows them to last throughout the winter with enough supply of food.

Squirrel foraging includes, but is not limited to, nuts, seeds and cones. They can gather from many other food sources made available to them, even in human settlement.

Squirrels have different methods of storing food. The methods depend on the squirrel species. Red squirrels store food by larder-hoarding. Larder-hoarding means they keep their food in the middle of the territory, where there is usually a cavity on the ground. Gray squirrels bury their food in the ground.  Some stick nuts into branches and come back for them after a while.

While it was assumed that squirrels find their stored food by smell, they actually have different ways in finding them. The one that plays the biggest role is their spatial memory. Squirrels actually have a good memory when it comes to food storage; they remember where they hide the food, and what they have hidden. Research shows that squirrels come back to their common cache of storage and not in the food cache of other squirrels. Squirrels use their sense of smell partly in finding their buried food, but the one they rely the most on is their memory.

Human settlement has stretched far and wide and have taken over some parts of their once natural habitats. This is the reason why some squirrels may find your house an appropriate alternative for their lost territories, thus finding squirrels in your attics. They can get quite destructive, leaving open wires around the house because of their incessant chomping. They can also chew on structural wood in your attic, which can be very scary.

You can solve squirrel infestations in many ways and one of them is by getting yourself a hold of squirrel repellent. There are many available on the market, however, using squirrel repellents are but short-term solutions to your problem. It is best advised to seek professional help from experienced animal control companies like Skedaddle Oakville.

With more than two decades of humane animal control, Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians will humanely remove your little toothy connoisseur so you don’t have to worry about further property damage.

Skedaddle Oakville has an ongoing collaboration with Oakville’s Town Council to help implement humane methods in handling wildlife for the whole town. At the same time, they also support Oakville and Milton Humane Society to ensure protection of wildlife in the neighborhood.
The trained Wildlife Technicians of Skedaddle Oakville will help solve any nuisance wildlife encounter, from squirrels to skunks to raccoons that roam around your property. There are many proven animal control tricks that Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians employ when it comes to handling these different wildlife creatures. These methods are efficient and at the same time, humane so you know that you do not violate any laws that protect the legal status of your wildlife invader.


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