What You Need to Do When You See a Raccoon in Your Attic

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Raccoons are troublesome creatures that may spread diseases, insects and bacteria in and around your property. They also inflict damage to walls, air ducts, roof and insulation as they search for an ideal den in your house.

When a homeowner sees a raccoon in their home, their initial reaction might be shock, which often turns into an automatic reaction to get rid of it by either trapping or killing it. These are not effective raccoon removal methods because they harm the animals and do not root out the main cause of the infestation.

If you see a raccoon in your attic, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

Stay Cool and Calm

Panicking will make things worse as you will startle the raccoon in your den. The mother will unleash her aggression at any sign of a threat to her young. You might get hurt when the animal bites or scratches to defends her children. When you see the raccoon stay calm and just leave the attic to get help from a humane wildlife control Oakville expert.

Avoid Trapping or Killing

The first thing that comes to most homeowners’ minds when they see a raccoon is to kill or trap it. Doing so will not solve your problem because you have to look for and get rid of any young raccoons that might be present. An attempt to kill the animal or remove it from the trap will make them aggressive. They might bite or scratch you; the wounds may get an infection that will lead to disease or rabies.

Determine the Exact Location of the Den

Once you see a raccoon in your attic, find the exact location of the den. When you find it do not do anything first. Seek help from a raccoon removal expert and let them handle and remove the animals properly. Determining the place of the den will help you know how many raccoons are in your attic. It also helps you find the young that still cannot move on their own. The remover will use them as bait to lure the mother out of your property.

Hire an Animal Remover

A raccoon removal expert will make sure that your property is raccoon-free. They execute proven and humane methods to remove the animals properly. They have the gear and skills to handle the creatures, even if they struggle, bite and scratch.
Experts will also deodorize the den to prevent other raccoons from re-infesting your attic. This is an important step as it removes the scent cues that animals use to communicate.

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