Parts of the House that Attract Pests

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Raccoons, squirrels, rodents and other animals will find ways to infest your home to make a den as long as it provides enough heat for cold months and easy access to food. Certain parts of your house are more likely to attract pests compared to others. Determine what these are to enable you to implement precautionary steps to prevent them from entering your property.

Where will a pest most likely enter your home?

Raccoons, rodents, squirrels, skunks, bats and other similar pests look for certain characteristics before they infest property. It has to provide them with warmth, a large enough space to make a den, a place to store food and easy access to food sources. With assistance from a humane animal removal Oakville expert, you can pinpoint the exact whereabouts of the pests in your house.

The attic is a prime location for pests because it has the characteristics they are looking for. It provides warmth, a place and access to materials for a den for their young and a hiding spot for storing food. They can stay in your attic and raise their young without you knowing it.

The bottom of a chimney is another option for raccoons, squirrels and other animals. It also provides similar conditions to the attic. They get the warmth they need and a secluded location for raising their young. They also get to hide from property owners easily when they live in this part of the home.

The spaces between walls and crawl spaces are also places where these animals can hide and live in. These locations provide pests with the warmth they need. When they infest these areas, they may also cause property damage. They might tear through air ducts, make holes in the wall, claw through roofing and damage insulation. These may affect the temperature of your home, especially in cold or warm months.

With help from humane wildlife control Oakville experts, you will determine the most efficient way to remove them.

Why get humane wildlife control Oakville?

When you trap or try to kill a raccoon or other pest in your house, you might get into a struggle, as these creatures will try to defend their young and den. The clawing and biting may injure you and lead to disease or rabies. The chances of hurting yourself and animal are high, if you try to do things on your own.

A humane wildlife control Oakville expert has the gear and proven techniques to remove the pests successfully without harming them. They also deodorize and clean up the mess that the animals left. This ensures that there are no bacteria, germs or insects left on your property.



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