Potential Property Damage Caused by Raccoons

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A raccoon infestation creates possible health problems for property owners as they bring all sorts of insects, bacteria and waste wherever they go. Once they infest your home, your health is not the only problem you have to deal with. Raccoons also cause physical property damage when they try to and successfully enter your house.

Raccoon removal is the first thing that you must do when you see the signs of infestation. They leave behind a trail of damage because they are looking for an ideal den inside your house. These are some of the things they do when they break into your property:

Insulation Damage

Proper attic insulation is critical to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home and preventing mould growth. Raccoons damage insulation by compacting it under their weight, pushing it out of place and soaking it with urine and feces.

Roof Damage

Raccoons have the strength to tear through different kinds of roofing to enter the attic. Damaged shingles, soffit and siding expose your home to rain and snow that can cost you thousands.

Wiring, Drywall and Ductwork

Many different types of utilities and electrical are run inside attics. As part of their normal behaviour raccoons damage these important functions. Raccoons are naturally curious animals and will chew and tear at anything they find inside your attic.

Delaying raccoon removal leads to more property damage; hire an expert immediately once you see damage caused by these animals.

Dealing with a Raccoon Infestation

A typical reaction upon seeing this animal is to scare it away or even kill it. However, one of the best ways to get rid of them is to hire an animal remover that implements humane animal control Oakville. This approach keeps the animals safe while the expert lures them out.

With help from a raccoon removal expert, you remove these animals from your property quickly before they do more damage. A remover will get rid of the animals humanely and help you implement ways to prevent them from re-infesting. Animal removers will also deodorize and clean the den to prevent the spread of bacteria and waste left behind by the raccoons.



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