Why Humane Removal is the Most Effective Method

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Did you find a raccoon in your attic? Chances are your initial reaction was of surprise then a sudden urge to kill or quickly remove the animal. This automatic reaction may solve the problem in the short-term; however, these animals may return or even injure you because of your actions. Humane wildlife control Oakville is an effective way to get rid of the raccoons, squirrels or others you discover in your property

What is the most effective animal removal method?

Aggression breeds aggression, especially when you are dealing with a wild animal such as a raccoon or squirrel. Their first reaction to a threat is to defend themselves and their babies. The attic may be the den where the mothers feed and care for their young. These animals may bite and attack you; they may transmit rabies or other diseases.

Trapping the animals may seem like good solution, however, it is still a short-term answer. As it may harm the animals and may lead to their death. They will also stay aggressive if you try to remove them from the traps you set.

Humane animal control Oakville is a proven solution that not only removes animals, but also keeps them out for a long time.

The Humane Solution

Humane wildlife control Oakville is an effective way because it not only removes the adult skunks, raccoons, squirrels and other animals it also reunites them with their babies outside your home or attic. If the mother is killed or relocated then the babies are left behind to die inside the attic.

Humane animal removal keeps wildlife found in your property unharmed and safe. The expert will lure the mother out of your house using the babies they find in the attic or chimney. The technician will assess your home and pinpoint the exact location of the den. Once they find the dwelling place, they remove the young carefully by hand.

The mother’s instinct is to find their young; they will rush out of your home. Once they leave your property, the remover will seal all possible entry and exit points to keep them out. They will also coach you on different techniques to prevent a re-infestation.

Choosing a Company
Several companies offer humane wildlife control Oakville, but few deliver the results you are looking for. When you select a company, check their experience and customer reviews. This provides you with a reference on how they do business and their level of customer service. Skedaddle Wildlife Oakville is an experienced company that implements humane methods to remove animals. Check out their services to determine if they are the company that meets your needs.


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