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Skunks are recognizable animals because of their black and white coat and their distinct scent. One of the misconceptions about spotting this animal in your property is that you might not think they have rabies.

These animals actually are carriers of this deadly illness. You cannot contract the disease directly from a rabid skunk however they can transmit the disease to your pets which then can be passed on to humans. If you find any animals in your property, the best thing to do is seek help from an animal control expert.

What is rabies?

Rabies is an infectious ailment that affects your central nervous system. A rabid animal transmits the virus through their saliva a couple of days before they die. A person cannot get the disease through the urine, feces or blood of an infected host, it does not become airborne either.

The virus travels from the brain to the salivary glands of a rabid animal during its final stages. This is the time when a host can transmit the disease through their bite. Rabies cannot go through unbroken skin; you can get the illness via a bite or through abrasions, scratches, open wounds and mucous membranes that come in contact with brain tissue or saliva of an infected animal.

The virus will not live long when exposed to open air, it will only live in saliva and will eventually die when the saliva dries. If you have a pet who you think had a fight with a rabid animal, wear gloves to prevent saliva from getting into an open wound or broken skin you may currently have.

When you see wild animals wandering near your property, get help from a wildlife control expert to make sure they do not invade your home.

Are skunks dangerous carriers of rabies?

A rabid skunk may present rabies in two different ways; one is the animal will become more aggressive than usual known as the “furious” form, or it will display a complete lack of fear known as the “dumb” form.

A skunk that displays the furious type grows aggressive and foams at the mouth, and is likely to transmit the disease through its bite. If you find a skunk wandering around your yard without any fear or seems disoriented, it may have the dumb form of the illness.

A healthy skunk will normally run away when they see people or pets,if cornered they release a bad smell as a defense mechanism.

What are the signs of a rabid animal?

A rabid animal will display certain behaviors that indicate the type of rabies they have. The signs of the furious form of the disease include:

  1. Agitation
  2. Bite at real and imaginary objects
  3. Excessive drooling

Animals that contracted the dumb form display behaviors such as:

  1. No fear of pets or people
  2. Appears tame
  3. Looks disoriented or drunk

Other symptoms of an infection include; walking around in circles, partial paralysis or self-mutilation.

When you see any of these signs, contact an animal control expert to get rid of these potentially dangerous animals.

How do you get rid of skunks in your property?

Simply killing or trapping skunks you find in your property is a short-term solution. With the help of an animal control expert, you can remove these animals and prevent a re-infestation on your property. They apply humane and proven methods to not only remove the animals, but also deodorize their den and get rid of nesting materials properly.


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