Effective Ways to Keep Wildlife Out of Property

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Are you dealing with a skunk, bat, rodent, squirrel or raccoon infestation? All these animals damage property once they build a den and may transmit all sorts of diseases. They are not only a nuisance but may also increase health risks because of their urine and droppings, and the insects they bring.

Problems Caused by Animal Infestation

Animal control experts cite that raccoons and squirrels tear through walls and may damage insulation or ducts. This will affect the temperature of your home, it will be difficult to keep warm or cool because of the damage caused by these animals. You will spend more on repairs and replacements to be able to control the temperature inside your home again.

The damage may also weaken the structure of your property. Ceilings or roofs may become damaged because of animal activity and allow water and snow to get into places it shouldn’t. Animals that infest your home may also damage electrical wires because of their search for nesting materials.

Animal control specialists help you get rid of the pests that infest, however, you must also take precautions to prevent a re-infestation.

Repairs and Renovations

Squirrels, rats, raccoons and other pests may enter your property through rotten wood and holes. To keep these pests out renovate and repair certain parts of your house. Making these repairs will deter animals from invading your home. Wildlife control experts can help you determine which parts of your house, which animals can claw their way in.

Block Potential Entry Points

Animals have several options when they invade your home; they can enter through gaps between building materials, holes or cracks in the exterior wall and the roof just to name a few. To prevent wildlife from entering your property, make sure to lock or block these areas. Add locks or an extra wall to deter them from invading.

Keep Food Out of Sight

Your property will attract animals, if they know they have access to food. A garden or food you are about to throw away will catch the attention of raccoons, squirrels and rodents. To keep them out, lock garbage bins with food or store them indoors and only bring them out once the collector arrives the next day. Put a fence around your garden or use natural deterrents to prevent wildlife from stealing fruits and vegetables.

Professional Services

Animal control experts help prevent an infestation by providing tips and assisting you determine weak spots around your house. Some companies also use humane methods to remove animals found in your home. They remove the nesting material and deodorize the area to make sure that no other animals re-infest your home.

These tips will prevent animals from infesting your property. Precautionary measures are better than discovering that your house already has raccoons, squirrels or other animals.

Simple things such as keeping food out of sight and repairing certain parts of your home will prevent an infestation.


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