Top Ideas to Prevent Bats from Infesting a Home

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Bats are nocturnal animals and they can sneak into your home when you least expect it. If your house has many entryways, it is indeed an open invitation for bat infestation.

There are more than fifteen species of bats that are native to Canada. The most common ones that live and roose in Canadian homes are the little brown and the big brown bats. These bats can roost in your attic and walls and can pose health risks to you and your family.

We always tell homeowners about one serious tip in wildlife control: prevention is always better than a cure. Whenever possible, homeowners should try to enforce their houses to prevent bat infestations. There are many ways you can seal your house so you don’t get bothered by bats (or any other nuisance wildlife, for that matter) which come and go whenever they like.

Here are some tips you can do yourselves to prevent bats from infesting your home:

  1. Make sure your chimneys are capped and are secured so bats don’t go in through them. The chimney cap you should choose should have wire mesh on it, so it can block away the bats but still let out the smoke from your fireplace. Other areas to look at are your attic vents, eaves and soffit.
  2. Keep windows and doors shut at night. If kept open, a bat or two could fly in easily. You will have to resort to bat removal if this happens. In most, if not all, provinces in Canada, bats enjoy a legal status which protects them from being exterminated because of their important role in the environment.
  3. Seal all possible entryways to your house through exclusion. Look up, down and around your house for holes and cracks which could lead bats inside your home. Seal them away securely with steel wire mesh with holes no bigger than half a square inch. You can caulk loose building parts such as fascia trims and other gaps between building materials so they don’t let in bats.

If you find any of these prevention techniques burdensome and you do not have the time to pore over these sealing details, you can call for professional wildlife control services like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians have proven and effective methods for bat exclusion. They are keen on finding all possible entryways and have secure sealing equipment that will seal off all possible entry points, not only for bats but for your other nuisance wildlife neighbors.

Also, in case your home is already infested, Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians will remove bat colonies from your home before sealing off the access points. They do this by installing one-way doors that allow bats to leave the premises for food but prevent re-entry.
By relying on trained professionals from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, you do not only save yourself from health risks you might have faced by ineffective DIY procedures, you also save the time and effort. Benefit from our years of experience and practice.


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