A Lowdown on Some Nocturnal Creatures Invading Your Home

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Are you having difficulties getting rid of the raccoons, bats, mice and other nocturnal creatures that invaded your home? Nocturnal means they are seldom seen by homeowners and so these animals can live inside your home for plenty of time without being noticed. If you have a better understanding of their behaviour, you will be able to prepare, and get rid of them properly.

With help from a first-rate animal control expert, it will be easier to remove animals, get information about them and prevent re-infestation


This nocturnal animal develops their distinct mask when they reach ten days old. These animals are intelligent and creative, attributes which also make them destructive when they decide to invade your property. These creatures prefer making a den in dry and warm roof areas, attics, crawl spaces and chimneys.

Raccoons have strong and manipulative paws which they can use to open garbage cans, door latches, windows and jars. They also use it to tear through rotten wood, soffits, roof shingles and flashings. These nocturnal creatures will chew through wiring to get to their den, causing power shortages or potential fire hazards.

Mother raccoons have a very strong motherly instinct and will do anything to get their young back. They will get aggressive and may cause physical harm when you take their kits from them. Wildlife control experts will help you get rid of these animals humanely and safely.


Bats are warm-blooded nocturnal creatures that use echolocation to find small insects to eat. These animals have the capacity to eat three times their weight every time they hunt for food. These roost in cliffs and caves, but also form colonies in buildings and homes, especially in attics and large crawl spaces or between walls. Once these creatures infest your home, they will enjoy consistent temperatures provided by attics and walls.

Bat colonies vary in size but they can damage property and transmit disease or increase health risks because of their urine, droppings and the insects they bring.


Mice and rodents are nocturnal animals that are small enough to infest a home by entering through a dime-sized hole. These creatures have a high reproductive health and may multiply quickly unless you get an animal control expert to help you get rid of them.

Mice may bring ringworms, tapeworms and mites, all of which may cause rashes and infect the digestive system. You can contract a mouse-borne disease through their bite or body fluids.


Skunks are infamous for the strong odor they spray when threatened. These creatures can damage property and are carriers of rabies, a potentially life-threatening disease. It is difficult to identify a rabid skunk from one that is not that is why it is important to get help from an animal control expert to remove them from your property properly.

The odor that these animals spray may last in ventilation systems, pets or people for weeks or even months. Skunks will build dens under any structure that does not have a foundation. They may use decks, sheds or porches as shelter.

These nocturnal creatures may transmit diseases and damage property, if you fail to remove them once they infest your home. Seek help from an animal remover to get rid of them efficiently and humanely.


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