Why Wildlife Infestation Increases Every Day

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Are you wondering why you see raccoons and squirrels lingering near your home? If so these animals might be attracted to your property because of accessible food, and it is suitable to turn into a den to raise their young. Several factors affect the possibility of wildlife infestation, knowing what these are will help you determine its cause and prepare for animal intrusion.

Loss of Natural Habitat

Rapid urbanization is leading to the loss of natural habitat of all sorts of wildlife. Animals such as raccoons, squirrels, bats, skunks and others will look for other suitable places to live and raise their young. If your property happens to be near, there is a high possibility that these creatures will infest it.

Looking for a Suitable Den

Loss of habitat caused by urbanization will push animals to look for a suitable and warm den to raise their young in, especially when the cold months begin. Once they infest your home, they will look for warm spaces such as between walls, the area just above the bedroom, the attic, basement, sheds or other empty spaces. They will bring all sorts of insects, bacteria and germs that may transmit diseases.

Mothers who feel that you are threatening their young will become aggressive and may hurt you with their biting and scratching. Wildlife will not only bring diseases, but will also damage property. They will tear or chew through rotten wood, walls, insulation, electrical wires and others.

Accessibility of Food

The possibility of wildlife infestation increases because of access to food around or in your property. Throwing food in unlocked garbage bins will attract raccoons, squirrels and other animals into your property. They will rummage through garbage cans and may enter your home, if they get a smell of something to eat inside. To prevent this from happening, dispose of food until the collector arrives or lock bins to deter animals from opening them.

How Can Animals Infest Your Home?

Animals will find ways to invade your home, whether it is slithering through tiny holes or tearing through an opening to fit in. Raccoons have strong paws that allow them to open doors and windows, and claw their way through rotten wood. Rodents can enter a home through small golf ball-sized holes. Your best defense is to cover holes, replace rotten wood and repair damaged areas that wildlife can enter.

Remove Animals

With the help of animal removers, getting rid of wildlife is faster, humane and easier. Animal removers have the expertise and experience to handle all sorts of wildlife, from raccoons to bats to rodents. They have the appropriate gear and tools to remove animals without harming them.

Some will also clean and deodorize dens to prevent attracting other animals. They do not only remove but they make sure that wildlife will not re-enter once they do the job.


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