Keep Your Pets Safe from Pest Diseases

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Pets are like family to many of us, and we want to make sure they are protected against diseases and health risks. One of the many concerns homeowners throughout Canada have is wildlife infestations and the many dangers they can expose to families and pets.

Pet owners should always keep in mind that their pets should get their complete immunizations, as they are less likely to be infected with diseases the environment brings to their doorstep. If you own a pet, it is the responsible thing to do to get them their immunizations, just as how child immunizations are encouraged. You will shield them from the many possible diseases and infections they can acquire as they go outdoors, or even indoors.

Wildlife infestations bring with them many dangers and most especially parasites that could be transmitted to your pets. For example, mice droppings can be poisonous to your pets, and their urine can cause leptospirosis. Exposure to water sources mixed with rat urine will put people and pets in a dangerous, and sometimes lethal situation.

Birds bring with them mites especially when they start nesting. These mites will look for better sources of food and can cling to your pets, and may give them irritations and wounds if not taken care of.

Raccoons, bats and skunks are also probable carriers of rabies. Rabies has been known to kill pets for many years, and avoiding wildlife infestations in general will reduce the risks favorably. Pets are domesticated animals and have weaker immune systems compared to wild animals, and if your home is infested with one, you will have to take precautions and do what you must; and that is to seek help and remove the wild animals in your property.

All wild animals bring with them many possibilities of different illnesses your pets can harbor. Being infested with these animals is unsafe as you never know what these nuisance wildlife can bring inside your property.

Being pet owners, you must know that every animal has its place. Protecting your pets and family does not necessarily mean you have to exterminate the animals sharing homes with you. Humane wildlife control companies like Skedaddle, offer humane ways in the removal of these wildlife creatures from your home and offer services such as exclusion to help you, your pets and the wild animals get on with your everyday lives without giving risks to each other. If you happen to have wildlife infestation and hope to remove it, choose the humane way. Choose exclusion from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.


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