Why DIY Pest Removal Won’t Stop Re-infestation

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Do you see holes around your roof? Do you hear strange noises at nighting inside your attic? Raccoons might have infested your home without you noticing it immediately. These animals have strong paws and have a distinct bandit-like mask on their face. They can tear through rotten wood that will enable them to enter your property and build a den to raise their young.

DIY Removal

Most people will impulsively try to kill the raccoons or trap them. This may seem like a good solution, however, it will only solve your problem in the short-term. You must also keep in mind that a mother raccoon will become aggressive when they feel that you are threatening her young. They will try to scratch and bite you while protecting her offspring. These may result in serious injuries or transmission of disease.

Mishandling of dead or injured animals may cause health problems, especially if you do not have the right equipment and attire. Raccoons might transmit an illness, bacteria, viruses or germs.

If you are not thorough with your inspection and fixing of raccoon entry points, other pests may invade your home again. It is important to seal any potential entrances of these animals to prevent a re-infestation.

Cleaning up the den area after you remove the raccoons is a difficult task. When you do not have the right equipment, cleaning and deodorizing products, you may get an infection or increase the likelihood of re-infestation.


DIY removal may save you money, however, the risk of re-infestation is high because you do not have the training to remove animals properly. Other pests will find ways to invade your home, especially, if you do not know their possible entry points. The nesting materials and even the smell of a previous den will attract other animals to your basement or attic.

An animal remover will know how different pests think and behave. They will know where they build a nest or den, the types of food they look for and how fast they multiply. This information enables them to provide you with a personalized service that makes sure re-infestation does not happen.

Animal Removal Experts

Animal removers have the expertise and experience to remove raccoons, squirrels, rodents, bats and other pests humanely and effectively. They assess your home and determine possible entrances and exits, this allows them to know where to lead a pest out of your home while using its young as bait. They will then seal these areas to prevent the animals from re-entering. They will identify the location of the den and deodorize it to prevent it from attracting other animals. They use proven methods to keep your home pest-free.

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