How a Pest Infestation Affects Home Value

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You may be one of those people who have been haunted by pests living in the comforts of your own home. You have tried so many ways to remove them, but they just keep on coming back! The noise they make at night affect your sleep and just thinking about the many diseases that they can bring to your kids keeps you even more wide awake at night.

This may sound too common but did you know that nuisance wildlife inside your home will not only endanger your health and give you sleepless nights but can also affect your home value?

Picture this – open wires, droppings everywhere, that musky odor you just can’t seem to drive off – these and many other ghastly things can drastically affect your home value. This could be a big concern especially when you try to sell your property in the future.

But how do pests inside your house decrease the value of your property?

Pests drop fecal matter anywhere, and damage your furniture, your walls, ceilings and even baseboards. Skunks can even burrow below your foundation, making your house less stable and prone to damage. Raccoons inside your house can tear up your insulation and roofing materials. Birds leave nests that may contain dead offspring that invite mites and other parasites. Mice, rats and squirrels can chew anything, even wiring.

If home inspectors find these nuisance wildlife inside your home, your house value will greatly depreciate. Home inspectors who come to check on your house value, especially before selling it off, will note that there is a problem with your house, no matter how beautiful the aesthetics may be.

Moreover, pests are a big turn off for prospective buyers and a portion of your market will shy away from the deal. Some homes never sell until these problems are resolved.

So before you think of selling your property, you should have all those pests removed no matter what. Forget about all that DIY pest control and invest in the help of Wildlife Professionals like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control who are experts in animal removal and exclusion before the situation gets worse.

Not only will the pests be removed in an efficient and humane manner, Skedaddle Wildlife Technicians will also seal up all entry points pests can use to avoid future infestations. They also have the equipment and tools to clean or remove contaminated materials in your home to make it clean and clear once again. Now you can breathe easy and relax as your home value depreciators are no more!



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