Why Is Humane Animal Removal Important?

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Nuisance wildlife brooding inside your home can be a big headache for many homeowners. From aesthetic problems to health and safety hazards, sharing your home with furry creatures is just not an option.

Before you do drastic measures in eliminating them from your property, think of the reason why they are there.

Many wildlife animals find comfort in our homes because they have found an alternative space free from the harsh elements of nature where they can raise their babies. Because humans have developed many natural reserves that used to be the habitats of these animals, they now unintentionally invade our space.

This is not to say that you just leave them peacefully inside your home as there are risks that come with living with these wildlife creatures. It is, however, important that we remove them in the safest and most humane method possible.

Here are ten reasons why:

  1. Inhumane methods are banned by provincial and municipal laws. The government has taken measures in protecting wildlife rights and urges its constituents to remove nuisance wildlife from your homes through humane methods. Extermination is almost, always never an option.
  2. Humane methods allow animals the best chance of survival afterwards.
  3. Keep animal families (mothers and babies) together. Most of the time, your attic or your dens serve as an ideal location for mothers to raise their young. Removing them humanely from your property will allow mothers to continue raising their litter in the wild.
  4. Humanely removing animals from your home will allow them to relocate themselves to one of their other den sites in the area.
  5. Humane methods are customized to the property and species and take into consideration wildlife behaviour and biology.
  6. Humanely removing animals would mean no poison, no chemicals, no tools that hurt or injure wildlife.
  7. Humane methods allow animals to perform their role in the environment. Animals exist in the environment because of the roles they play and removing them humanely gives them a chance to survive and take their part in preserving the balance of nature.
  8. It includes exclusion. The best way of protecting your home from any form of nuisance wildlife is by exclusion. This process prevents re-entry of any wildlife creature by installing physical barriers in your home.
  9. Humane methods of removal such as exclusion is more effective because it stays loyal to the old tenet which says, prevention is better than cure.
  10. Humane methods of removal are longer-lasting. Removing animals from your home in a humane manner and making sure that they are excluded in the future is more of a long-term solution that will help address any kind of wildlife invasion.

As you can see, there are many benefits to humanely removing wildlife animals from your home. We need to find ways to co-exist in this world we live in.

Should you want to know more about how to employ exclusion on your property, call the Wildlife Technicians of Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. With more than twenty-seven years in the industry, Skedaddle has proven time and again that they protect the rights of homeowners and the wildlife creatures, both at the same time.


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