How Wildlife Can Compromise Your Home Insulation

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Wildlife infestation is a problem for every home and business owner. Wherever nuisance animals build their dens on your property, they leave behind a trail of droppings, urine and other damages. Because of these property and health risks, animal control has been considered the best solution.

Wildlife inside your home can cause a wide range of damage to your furniture, fixtures, foundations, venting systems and home insulation. Probably the most vulnerable part to wildlife animals is your home insulation, as it can easily be torn up and holes tunneled through.

What is home insulation? One of the most important areas to insulate are your walls and attic to either keep the heat and air conditioning in. There are various types of insulation systems available depending on the climate of your area. The second form of insulation is the one that envelops your wiring. It prevents any form of direct contact with the electrical wires, to avoid electrocution, short circuits, and any risk of fire.

Both of them are very important and must be kept in a good, working order. Otherwise, problems will occur. Wild animals inside your home are no joking matter as access to these insulation materials can compromise your family’s safety.

Squirrels and rats are a problem because of their excessive chewing. They don’t only chew wood and wiring, but will also not hesitate to chew your home insulation. Animals will leave their fecal matter and urinate on your insulation material, which will leave it in a devastated and inefficient state, aside from the fact that animal urine leaves a foul smell that can linger all over your home or business establishment.

Wildlife animals are also known for nesting in your attic. They will gather dry materials which can be used to build their nests, and your home insulation is no exception. In a short matter of time, your attic’s chewed wiring could be in contact with flammable nesting material. This could prove to be very lethal as your wiring will now be exposed and there is high risk of fire.

Raccoons also cause damage to these insulation materials as they trample and compact the material, reducing the insulating effectiveness and therefore, resulting in significant energy loss. Mice tunnel through insulation and leave holes, which will allow significant air leakage.


To avoid headaches about property damage and your family’s safety, it is best that you call for wildlife control services like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.


Skedaddle’s Wildlife Technicians will help you evacuate these nuisance wildlife from your home and can keep them out for good through the process called exclusion. Exclusion is one of the most effective ways to keep the animals out, securing your property and health from risks the little critters bring with them. On top of that, Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control also offers an insulation service that is environmentally and health-conscious and at the same time, cost-efficient! What can get better than that? Call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today!


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