Fool Proof Methods to Effectively Remove Mice

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Mice can inhabit your home and quickly multiply If they find enough food, water and good shelter. If you don’t use methods to prevent this you can be sure you will have some tiny visitors in your home at some stage. There are various methods that people use to get rid of these rodents, most people claim that the use of poisons and traps are the best methods. However have you ever asked yourself whether you’ve actually solved the root of the problem? Traps and poisons may solve the immediate problem but they don’t deal with the issue of them coming back.

Fool proof methods are the most effective and also humane, leave alone not posing danger to the pets you’ve kept at home i.e. poisoning and injuries from traps. But, what are these methods? These are natural methods that act by removing or keeping away the rodents.

The use of strong smells to keep away mice is a very friendly way of preventing them from coming into your house. It involves the use of a bio-based repellent which keeps away rodents without having to kill them or pose danger to other animals and humans in the house. You won’t need to be looking for dead mice under the couch or behind appliances. These repellents have pleasing odours and are therefore human friendly. They are made from plants i.e. herbal plants. The smell produced is not pleasant to mice and it forces them to leave and seek a more comfortable habitat. The importance of using strong smells is that they last in the house for a longer duration and also are cheap and easy to use.

If you have a cat or are thinking about getting one their presence can keep mice away,  However, this works best if your cat also goes outdoors. Cats have a very strong sense of smell and while hunting they track down these animals to their nests. The mice feel threatened and those which survive choose to run away before it becomes too late. Domesticated cats however can be lazy and not interested in the mice but, even if this is the case, naturally mice fear cats and therefore their existence in the house will be threatened.

Keeping your house clean at all times helps to prevent infestation by these creatures. A clean environment denies mice access to food, water and hiding places. Keep food containers properly covered including crackers, cereals, pancake mixes and sugar. Make it a routine to wash all the dishes after eating and dispose of the leftovers properly. Cover all water containers and repair any drips in water pipes to keep those mice thirsty. By doing these small things, the mice will find it unbearable to continue living in a place where they can’t get food and leave.

No matter the method of choice, prevention is the ultimate ‘medicine’. Once the mice have left the house cover all the areas they can come back through. This includes covering all holes in walls, ceilings and floors .You can hire a professional animal control service to help you look for possible entries and help come up with solutions. They are well trained and may be the help you need.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control is one of the best agencies with qualified personnel who can help remove these vermin from your house using effective and humane methods. Visit their website and learn more on how to deal with these uninvited visitors.


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