Natural And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Rodents

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Nobody wants their home to have rodents running around from one room to the other. This can be a scary sight and a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Worry no more! There are many natural and effective ways to drive them away, why not learn more about the natural products that can be used for getting rid of rodents in your home.

Peppermint Oil

This oil works wonders in an area infested with mice. It is a natural product and is absolutely safe for your pets. Put a few drops of the oil on a cotton ball and leave it in an area where mice are rampant. Peppermint oil can dissolve on the cotton balls quickly so it is important to replace them a couple of times a week.


Place the mothballs in an area inhabited by mice. The smell will drive away 60% of rodents. Mothballs are harmful to pets and children if consumed as they are very poisonous. If you choose to use this method be sure to keep it out of reach.

Mouse Prevention Spray

This spray is usually made up of hot peppers which is why you should wear gloves and goggles when using it. Spray it around the areas infested with mice. The hot pepper will cause an irritation to the rodents eyes and nose and cause them to  run away and leave the area.


Another natural and effective way to keep off mice is to place a number of cloves on the entrance of the mouse hole. They will find the smell overwhelming and will try to stay as far away as possible. You can also put it on cotton balls dipped in clove oil.

Other Rodent-Proofing Tips:

There are some other ways to prevent the rodents from invading your property.

  1.       One of the natural and effective ways of getting rid of rodents is to block up the holes in the interior and exterior walls of your home and they may leave your property in search of new holes. Use heavy gauge screening to seal the entrances.
  2.      Use kitty litter around the entrance of the house or in places where mice are seen most. The smell will drive the mice away.
  3.       Place superior quality steel wool or copper in the entrances to block the mice from entering. These materials won’t rust and mice will find it hard to chew.
  4.      There are a number of electric traps found in the market. They are useful in the sense that they will send a shock to a mouse once it comes close to it.
  5.      There are some electric units which produce beeping sounds at frequencies that rodents hate. The sounds make them insane and cause the rodents run back to their territory.

Moreover, there are a number of companies which make organic solutions by using rodent repellents and pesticides. This is applicable in cases where you have a larger area infested with mice.

These are just some of the ways you can keep off mice from entering your property. But at the end of the day, one of the best ways and still the most natural and effective way of getting rid of rodents is to keep your house and surrounding area clean so that no pest can thrive there.


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